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Commissioner Garber has seen renderings for a Revs stadium

Commissioner Don Garber updates about the Revolution's search for a permanent home.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Revolution are working on building a stadium in downtown Boston and Commissioner Don Garber has seen the renderings.

As is often the case, Garber was asked for an update regarding the Revolution's search for permanent home while taking questions on Facebook. As is also often the case, Garber reaffirmed his support of the Kraft family.

The comment is nothing new, of course. We know that the Revs have been looking to build a downtown stadium for years with a location on Frontage Road in South Boston recently being rumored. It is a bit interesting to see that Garber has ruled out Connecticut as a expansion site (at least in the short term), especially in light of the news that NASL might be adding a Hartford team.