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Was it right to call a penalty kick against Jose Goncalves?

It was a game-changing call, but was it the right one?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Goncalves didn't think it was a penalty kick. The same apparently goes for David Accam. Now we want to know what you think.

In the 43rd minute of the New England Revolution's game against the Chicago Fire on Saturday night, referee Ricardo Salazar pointed to the the spot after an alleged infraction by Goncalves. The play in question started with a Shuan Maloney corner that was pushed away by Brad Knighton. The rebound fell to Accam, who toppled over just inside the box. Salazar awarded a penalty that was converted by Maloney.

After the game, Goncalves told reporters, "They were given a penalty that I am 100% sure that I never touched the guy, I touched the ball.  That is what Accam said.  ‘He never touched me.’  So at least he said it. It was not enough for the referee.  He decided it was a penalty."

The quote makes the call seem foolish, especially if Accam was publicly saying that there was no foul. The replay confirms that calling a game-changing penalty was a bit much as Goncalves got the ball, not the player.

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