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Revolution's Rowe Fined by MLS Disciplinary Committee

Kelyn Rowe has been fined for violating the league's policy regarding hands to the neck of an opponent.

Keyln Rowe has been fined an undisclosed amount by the MLS Disciplinary Committee for violating a league policy by putting his hand on an opponent's neck.

The incident in question occurred in the 40th minute of the New England Revolution's game against Columbus Crew SC on Wednesday, Jun. 24. Taking exception to the feisty play of Tony Tchani, Rowe approached his fellow midfielder, going for his neck. The moment happened after referee Fortis Bazakos had blown his whistle. The two heated battlers were quickly separated.

Rowe wasn't the only player from that game to grab the attention of the Disciplinary Committee as Federico Higuain was also fined an undisclosed amount. Higuain's infraction came in the 33rd minute when the Argentine went to the ground in a play that was deemed to be simulation. Bazakos didn't see it that way on the field as he called a foul on Jose Goncalves and awarded a free kick to the Crew.

Rowe and Higuain were two of four players to get fined by MLS Disciplinary Committee in week 17.