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Revolution Legend Praises Fans, Hopes for Urban Stadium

Joe-Max Moore returned to his "second home" to meet with fans and speak to the media.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a long time since Joe-Max Moore has donned a New England Revolution kit—eleven years in fact—but that doesn’t mean that he’s lost any love for the team.

On Saturday, the striker was spotted talking to fans ahead of the Revolution’s home game against the Vancouver Whitecaps. Moore, who played for the Revs from 1996-1999 and again from 2003-2004, had nothing but nice things to say about being back in Foxboro.

"I love it here, it’s my second home," Moore told media. "I was here for six years in total, and I love it. I love everything about the city, the Revolution as an organization, and the ownership. It’s just a great place to be. Best sports town I know, for sure."

Moore quickly endeared himself to Revs supporters as he scored 11 goals in 14 games after joining late into the league’s inaugural season. In a season where Revolution fans were forced to watch D.C. United battle the LA Galaxy for the MLS Cup at Foxboro Stadium after their team finished last in the Eastern Conference, Moore was a bright spot, a beacon of hope, even.

Unfortunately, Moore was never able to help the Revs capture the elusive MLS Cup. In fact, the club only made the playoffs three times during Moore’s tenure and never found their way to the final. While Moore will openly admit that his time in New England sometimes brought "frustration," he wouldn’t change anything because of the city and its fans.

After playing in front of the fervent fans for six years, Moore was able to join them pregame in the parking lot this past weekend. It was a moment of reflection for former US international as he realized how support for soccer has increased.

"I had a great time with the supporters’ clubs out there before the game, and that’s something that’s totally changing and different," Moore said. "The support now, I think, as far as the fans coming out before the games – it’s really neat to see. This sport’s growing in a big way, and I’m looking forward to the day that we get our own soccer specific stadium in Boston."

With so much growth already apparent, Moore sees an urban stadium as the next step for the Revolution. Already with a dedicated fan base, a smaller, more intimate space would make a "huge difference for everybody," according to Moore. He could even see New England matching the intensity in Seattle and Portland.

"I think if it’s put in the right location, and you have a good product that the people of the city can be proud then I think it’ll definitely create that type of atmosphere," Moore remarked.