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Mia Hamm Believes That We Will Win

Mia Hamm was on hand at USSF Fan HQ the night before USA vs. Nigeria.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

USSF sponsored a fan event in Vancouver the night before the United States face Nigeria in their final round of group play at the World Cup, similar to the ones it hosted in Brazil.

The event was the usual feel-good time with fans circulating below a VIP area where the team's family and friends sat. The DJ was loud and the crowd was amped - until the DJ announced a very special surprise guest.

That's when Mia Hamm entered stage right to wild cheers and took the mic, thanking everyone for being there and then leading the crowd in a rousing edition of that old chestnut, the I Believe chant.

Video is courtesy 2 Drunk Fans podcast.

You can be as tired of I Believe as the next fan, but you have to admit that when Mia Hamm is the chant leader, it takes on a new shine.