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Bengtson Cites Poor Relationship with Heaps, Talking to Agent about Leaving the Revolution

According to a Honduran media outlet, Revolution Head Coach Jay Heaps has grown increasingly frustrated with the underachieving striker.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Jerry Bengtson isn't certain about his next career move, but he thinks it might be away from the New England Revolution.

Speaking to a Honduran media outlet on Thursday, Bengtson confirmed that he has a contract with the Revolution, but is looking into the possibility of leaving. The striker claimed that he's currently in talks with his agent regarding his options.

According to the report, Revolution Head Coach Jay Heaps became frustrated with Bengston while he fulfilled his recent loan with Argentinian side Belgrano. The Revolution, of course, had to arrange the loan, so Bengston's analysis seems puzzling.

In a translation of the report, Bengston said, "I still have a contract, but it will be difficult for me to go back there because when I was off to Belgrano, [Heaps] got angry. Therefore I don’t think I will go back there because our relationship is not good now and I’m talking to my agent so that he reaches an agreement with them to leave the club."

Bengtson was recently excused from his loan with Belgrano, but is ineligible to play for the Revs until the loan officially expires on Jun. 30. While Bengtson could rejoin the Revs on Jul. 1, he could also be heading elsewhere.

One destination that seems unlikely is Honduras. Bengtson previously played with Vida and Montagua before joining MLS in 2012. When asked about a return to Montagua, Bengston shrugged off the possibility: "Not for now, maybe later. Right now I’m going to look for options abroad and I’m talking to my agent to see what comes up."

More recently, Real España has been eyeing the 28-year-old. While he appreciates the interest, Bengtson has his attention set elsewhere, though he declined to go into specifics.

In the interim, Bengtson is hoping to play in the Gold Cup. The attacker was recently named to Honduras' 35-man provisional roster, a list that will be dwindled down to 23 in the coming weeks. Currently without a club, Bengtson has been working with Honduras head coach Jorge Luis Pinto to prepare for this summer's tournament.