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Wambach, Morgan, Press Get Simpsons Versions

Abby Wambach, Alex Morgan, and Christen Press all had Simpsons versions of themselves drawn to help promote the Women's World Cup.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

As part of Fox's ongoing efforts to promote the Women's World Cup, USWNT players Alex Morgan, Christen Press, and Abby Wambach have had Simpsons version of themselves drawn. The Simpsons also created a credits sequence featuring Maggie Simpson in a USWNT kit, pelting Homer with shots on goal in a hopefully prophetic moment for the United States.

Previously, Fox had Wambach and Morgan on an episode of American Idol, where they presented Ryan Seacrest with a personalized jersey and helped announce that the winner of this season will record Fox Sports' official WWC anthem.

Fox Sports itself has created and aired multiple commercials playing on American patriotism and big names like Morgan and Wambach.

Fox generally seems to be doing everything it can to hype the tournament this summer—self-serving to be sure, considering big hype means big audiences and big ad dollars—but considering how much the sport has struggled for exposure and mainstream legitimacy, the motive in this case is irrelevant. Tying in the Fox brand across multiple channels is a great move that could bring to the tournament viewership that normally doesn't care about or know about women's soccer.