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Was Chris Tierney's Red Card Warranted?

In a match that saw nine cards handed out in total between DC and the Revs, Tierney's spiked the most controversial of reactions from fans and reporters alike.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

In his post-game press conference, Jay Heaps described Saturday's 1-1 draw between the New England Revolution and D.C. United as a "pillow fight" up until the 52nd minute, but what happened after that has drawn a heavy mixture of ire and common sense.

The play that sparked everything occurred when D.C.'s Chris Pontius saw his in-swinging corner kick cleared back out towards the corner flag. Both he and veteran left-back ardently pursued the ball, with the former looking to whip in more service and the latter trying to clear the ball out of danger. However, things didn't quite go as planned for either.

Pontius barely got to the ball first and Tierney challenged with his studs exposed, coming down on the top of Pontius' knee. Without any hesitation, head referee Mark Geiger went straight to the back pocket and sent Tierney right off, reducing the Revs to 10 men.

Another red call would soon surface by way of a Lee Nguyen wayward elbow, but Tierney's has simultaneously sparked the most disdain and agreement. To get a sense of that, here's a look at some reactions that occurred in the heat of the moment.

What is your take on the red card? Should Geiger have gone straight to the back pocket? Was he a little harsh since Tierney's challenge had no malicious intent?