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Revolution's Offense Scoring as Many Goals as the Red Sox Score Runs

How do you know your baseball team is bad? When the local soccer team is scoring more goals than the baseball team is scoring runs might be a good indicator.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

My dad is big Boston Red Sox fan and watched the end of the Sawx 3-1 loss to the Texas Rangers last night.

I really wish I had seen this tweet from Boston baseball legend and current ESPN Boston reporter Gordon Edes, if only to drive him nuts:

And of course the responses from the New England Revolution faithful were quite legendary as well:

So, let's break down Edes' tweet a little more since there is one tiny error. The Revs have scored two or more goals in 7 of their last 9, not their first 9. The Revolution actually didn't score in their first three games going 0-2-1 with a scoreless draw against Montreal.But since that slow start they've gone 5-1-3 and scored at least two goals in every game except a scoreless draw against Columbus on April 11 and 1-1 draw against Toronto May 16th.

The Red Sox have been putrid on offense, with their best offensive game this month coming in an 8-5 loss to the Yankees on May 3. Despite the bad spell at the plate, the Red Sox are only 7-12 in May thanks to mostly good pitching with several low scoring wins to their credit.

So while we won't rub this one in the faces of our Over The Monster compatriots (too much), we will ask that all Red Sox fans come out to Gillette Stadium this weekend as the Revolution play DC United for first place in the Eastern Conference standings. Not just because it's an important game for a team that's actually winning.

But there's a much better chance you'll see more offense from the home team at Gillette than at Fenway