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Revolution 2-2 Orlando City SC: Player Ratings and Man of the Match

The Revolution conceded twice in the waning moments, settling for a disappointing draw in Orlando. Who stood out--and who didn't? Jake Catanese weighs in.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Seeking a fourth consecutive victory, the Revolution jumped out to an early lead against Orlando City SC. The host club fought back, however, erasing a two-goal deficit to earn a 2-2 draw. Who deserves Man of the Match honors, in spite of the late collapse? Share your thoughts below.

Rating Scale: 1.0 Goat → 10.0 Golden Boy

Bobby Shuttleworth - 6 (May Average: 6.38)

Jake: I'm not sure what else he could have done in this game--it's not like Orlando was peppering his goal with shots throughout. For most of the match, and certainly late in the second half, he was left to watch his back line fall apart to disastrous levels.

Chris Tierney - 5.5 (May Average: 5.13)

Jake: With the Revs content to sit back and absorb pressure, Tierney didn't have the same impact on the game offensively as we're used to seeing, and couldn't make an impact even after moving up to the left mid/wing role.

Andrew Farrell - 6 (May Average: 6.75)

Jake: Not the worst game from him, but 9 clearances meant he spent most of the game booming balls forward out of trouble meaning the Revs never really gained any momentum in building from the back.

Jermaine Jones - 5 (May Average: 5.88)

Jake: Apologies to Jones, he's not that bad of a centerback. But the Revs need another aerial presence in the backline and Jones isn't it. he completely lost Larin on the first goal and was among the many bulldozed by Collin for the winner. If Jose Goncalves is able to go 75 minutes, he should be starting next week vs. TFC.

London Woodberry - 6.5 (May Average: 7)

Jake: Another player like Tierney whose impact was stymied by the Revs willingness to sit back. Still turned in a really solid defensive game though, as most of the trouble came down the left flank and he found the post as well.

Andy Dorman - 6 (May Average: 5.88)

Jake: Nothing wrong with Dorman's day, solid shift, usual good work rate and decent passing numbers with the Revs mostly bypassing the midfield.

Scott Caldwell - 7.5 (May Average: 7.88)

Jake: Favorite play from Scotty last week was not the tackle that led to Davies' opener, but rather him delivering a legitimate hip check that Zdeno Chara would've been proud of. Wouldn't know Jermaine Jones has spent the last month as a central defender thanks to Caldwell who very quietly has notched a goal and/or an assist in each of his last three games.

Juan Agudelo - 6.5 (May Average: 6.38)

Jake: Spent most his day defending (which he did pretty well) but only had 24 touches the whole game. Still completed over 80% of his passes. Moved up to striker for a spell and then was subbed off before the Orlando comeback started.

Lee Nguyen - 5 (May Average: 5.75)

Jake: Every week we keep waiting for him to breakout. But with the overall game plan of being content to sit back, it was probably Lee who suffered the most as the Revs struggled to maintain possession.

Teal Bunbury - 6.5 (May Average: 6.88)

Jake: I'd like to point out that the other reason the Revs owned their right side of the field is because Bunbury and Woodberry (great law firm name by the way) combined for 8 tackles in this game. The rest of the Revolution lineup combined for eight tackles.

Charlie Davies - 7 (May Average: 7.5)

Jake: With the Revs booming ball forward, Davies hold-up play was sorely needed, but even he couldn't get much going without the ball. But the one time he did get lose I could've swore that was 2009 Charlie burning the entire Orlando defense...

Kelyn Rowe - 6 (May Average: 5.63)

Jake: I'm not sure he's going to have an easier goal than the Revs second when he intercepted the backpass, but much like a couple weeks ago against the Red Bulls he struggled in the middle of the field late when the Revs needed to relieve pressure on the backline.


Kevin Alston - 4.5 (May Average: 4.5)

Jake: I wasn't mad that Alston was a late sub, but it threw what little cohesion the defense had in the second half out the window as Orlando rampaged down his flank to find two goals. Not directly attributed to Alston personally, but he and Tierney needed to do a better job locking down the service on the flank.

Diego Fagundez - N/A (May Average: 5.75)

Jake: As much as I like the way Diego has played defense this year, and it's been a tremendous improvement for him, I'm still not sure why he entered this game so late or why all three of Jay Heaps' subs and a player switch followed by a tactical switch with his team struggling.