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Revolution 2-0 Rapids: Player Ratings and Man of the Match

The Revolution found the net twice during the club's second consecutive multi-goal outing. We break down the performance from top to bottom.

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First, Juan Agudelo took a sensational touch off the outside of his foot to beat Clint Irwin. Then, Bobby Shuttleworth stood on his head, putting together a string of highlight-reel saves. And finally, Lee Nguyen converted a well-struck penalty, giving the Revolution a 2-0 advantage. Who deserves a Man of the Match shout? Vote below.

Rating Scale: 1.0 Goat → 10.0 Golden Boy


Bobby Shuttleworth - 8.25

Nick - 9: Made a ridiculous 42nd minute save on Dillon Powers and stoned Marcelo Sarvas in the second frame. Has taken all the right angles on 1v1s. Survived a sloppy 79th minute passage of play (and a few shots off the woodwork) to pitch his second shutout of the season. Jake - 7.5: There were some stellar saves but vastly more nervy moments as he and his backline scrambled almost throughout the second half.

Chris Tierney - 4.75

Nick - 4.5: Not his best day. Tentative moving forward; couldn't seem to find the stellar service that drove the Revolution attack in March. Did just enough defensively. Jake - 5: Revs seemed content to sit back and absorb pressure (which they're not the best at doing) and Tierney didn't get as much service into the area as much as he has in earlier games.

Jose Goncalves - 6.25

Nick - 6.5: Strong match in the air--and even pushed forward to help the attack--but lost Gabriel Torres on a crucial 1st half cross that should've resulted in an equalizer. Jake - 6: Sadly had to leave as a precaution due to injury. The lack of his aerial presence nearly cost the Revs at least a goal down the stretch. Racked up 10 clearances during his shift among other sound defensive stats.

Andrew Farrell - 6

Nick - 6.5: Clinical in the air from start to finish; tracked back and made several key tackles. Still needs to be tighter distributing the ball, but finally seems to be finding his rhythm alongside Goncalves. Jake - 5.5: The sub-60% passing number hurts as the Revs were playing a lot of long balls forward to relieve pressure. Despite the nervy moments, the Farrell-JoGo partnership is improving, though part of that could be the quality of the competition.

Darrius Barnes - 6.75

Nick - 7: Another solid, yet incredibly quiet, performance from the right back spot. Lucky not to concede a penalty during a chaotic second-half passage—one that probably should have resulted in a Revolution free kick. Jake - 6.5: The only defender who seemed willing to press a little high and get forward, Barnes gets a bonus for having to play both right and center back in this one. His 83% passing clip really helps as well as he supported the attack well on the right flank.

Scott Caldwell - 7.5

Nick - 8: Another astonishingly solid shift. Serviceable passing numbers (82.9%) plus a pair of clearances and tackles tell the tale of a typical Scott Caldwell effort. Basically, the guy was all over the pitch. Jake - 7: He compliments everyone who plays along side him in the holding role, it's just amazing how consistent he is. Even got forward and took two shots though on was off target. Steve Stoehr's dream waits another day...

Andy Dorman - 6.5

Nick - 7: Really nice match out of the middle of the park. Stood strong defensively and helped stall the Colorado attack. Jake - 6: Didn't love the early yellow but Andy is always aware of his surroundings and plays smart, and his 72% passing is hurt mostly my long balls as he stayed at home and allowed Caldwell to get forward a little more.

Kelyn Rowe - 6.5

Nick - 7: Gritty tackle, followed by an outstanding diagonal ball to Juan Agudelo, put the Revs on the score sheet. Made his mark, and then proceeded to turn in a quiet match. Jake - 6: That was a stellar ball to Agudelo but aside from that a quiet day spent mostly recovering the ball on the right flank and defensive third.

Lee Nguyen - 6.75

Nick- 7: Stroked a well-placed penalty and benefited from strong distribution all night long. Still seems a half step off his typical pace and creativity. Jake - 6.5: On a day when the Revs didn't have much of the ball, Nguyen made it count by converting 80% of his passes though the ones in the attacking third didn't turn into much. Still takes a good penalty though.

Juan Agudelo - 7.75

Nick - 8.5: Magnificent trap and finish set the stage for his best match of the season. Nearly had a second goal with a well-placed header. Jake - 7: It's a wonderful finish that highlights just how great a player he can be. Good hold up play and effort down the left as well as some defensive stats as the Revs sat back.

Charlie Davies - 6.25

Nick - 7: Gritty hold-up play led to a long, productive shift. Though he did an excellent job of selling the second-half PK, his ability to out-muscle Bobby Burling put Jared Watts in a vulnerable spot. Strong match. Jake - 5.5: He drew a penalty that could have just as easily been his second yellow card after correctly being booked for a deliberate handball in the first half and was basically lost as the Revs struggled to maintain possession throughout the game.

Kevin Alston - 5.75

Nick - 5: Great to see KA on the field after sustaining another injury. Pedestrian appearance: made a handful of clearances, but only connected on 50% of his passes. Jake - 6.5: Came in during a tight stretch late in the game and helped close it out which is exactly what the Revs needed.

Teal Bunbury - 6

Nick - 6: Hard-fought shift helped drain the final 20 minutes. Enabled the Revs to keep possession with tidy passing (83%). Jake - 6: Exactly what he needed returning to the lineup, not a lot of touches but got in a good game shift where his size and defensive effort could affect the game.

Sean Okoli - N/A

Cameo appearance to basically get Charlies Davies (and his yellow card) off the field.