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Breakers Look Good In Preseason Game Against UConn

The Boston Breakers defeated UConn 3-1 on Saturday night in Marlborough.

Kristie Mewis and teammates during Breakers 2015 presesason
Kristie Mewis and teammates during Breakers 2015 presesason
Stephanie Yang

After a slightly mismatched first half in favor of Boston, the Breakers came out dominant over UConn in the second half.

The first half featured what coach Tom Durkin might be considering for a starting lineup with Mollie Pathman, Kassey Kallman, Cat Whitehill, and Maddy Evans in the defense; Bia, Suzane Pires, Rafinha, Kristie Mewis, and Ketlen Wiggers in the midfield, and Stephanie McCaffrey at striker. Durkin might be looking to his Brazilian internationals to form fast, tight connections through the midfield, with Pires pulling the strings and Bia sitting deeper. Wiggers was often found moving up into the box to receive or provide service and worked several give-and-gos with Maddy Evans.

McCaffrey opened the scoring in the 17' from a cross from Evans with a quick turn and shoot off a good first touch. UConn got one back ten minutes later through forward Tanya Altrui, but the Breakers pulled ahead again off a goal by Kristie Mewis. Stephanie McCaffrey dribbled through the top of the 18 and found Mewis to her left; Mewis kept it on the ground to beat the goalkeeper.

UConn proceeded to hold the Breakers at bay for the rest of the half, with some good stops by their goalkeeper, including a deflection over the bar on a laser strike from Mewis. Fullbacks Evans and Pathman generated much of the attack through the flanks and the Breakers had decent possession through the midfield.

The second half lineup was a look at the reserves and draftees with Sam Lofton, Kassey Kallman, Rachel Wood, and Jasmin Corniel in the defense; Amy Barczuk, Stephanie Verdoia, and Chanel Johnson in the midfield; and Bianca Brinson, Nkem Ezurike, and Jamia Fields as forwards.

Verdoia, Johnson, and Lofton all had a good half. Verdoia provided good service on set pieces; Johnson had crafty, composed moments in the midfield and some bold attempts from distance; and once Lofton settled in, she generated attack up the flank and threw a few tricky hips in one-v-one situations.

Though the Breakers only scored once more in the second half—a Rachel Wood header off Verdoia's corner kick—they kept UConn penned into their own half and made several good attempts on goal. Other teams should be wary of Wood's height as she threatened strongly with headers on set pieces. Wood also showed some vision with passes from deep to hit the offense on the diagonal.

The Breakers closed out preseason with a 4-0 record, defeating Boston College, Jamaica (2), and UConn with 17 goals on aggregate and one against.