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MEWIS VS. MEWIS: The Trashtalking Escalates

Boston's Kristie Mewis will face her sister on the pitch when the Breakers take on Samantha Mewis and the WNY Flash May 2.

A tale as old as time: two sisters, united by blood, torn apart by the game.

Well, not really. But Massachusetts natives Kristie and Sam Mewis have been trading barbs all week long on twitter ahead of the clash between the Boston Breakers and the WNY Flash. Samantha Mewis kicked things off in fairly innocuous fashion.

Kristie Mewis let it slide right off and invoked that quintessential athlete’s comeback of "check the scoreboard, sis" with all the gravitas of Vin Diesel declaring himself the winner in the original Fast & the Furious:

But then Sam went directly for the jugular with this ice cold clapback.

Kristie’s response could be that of someone pretending not to care despite being wounded deeply, or she could genuinely not care, secure in the knowledge that she is indeed the favorite.

UPDATE, 5/1/2015: Not only has Sam Mewis claimed favorite child status, she has also ganked Kristie Mewis' longtime best friend Syd Leroux, as well as the LeMew portmanteau. We might have to give the younger Mewis the edge in this war.

Here are their vital stats:

Samantha Mewis
Age: 22
Height: 5'11"
Alma mater: UCLA (Pac-12)
USWNT caps: 3
U-20 career: 8 goals in 33 appearances
College career: 31 goals, 32 assists in 87 appearances
Selected #4 overall in the 2015 NWSL Draft

Kristie Mewis
Age: 24
Height: 5'7"
Alma mater: Boston College (ACC)
USWNT caps: 15
U-20 career: 6 goals in 26 appearances
College career: 39 goals, 38 assists in 89 appearances
Selected #3 overall in the 2013 NWSL Draft

The Breakers kick off against the Flash at 7 PM ET on May 2 at Sahlen's Stadium. The game will stream on NWSL's youtube channel. The Bent Musket will continue to track developments in this internecine sororal warfare.