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Boston Breakers Debut New Home Kit for 2015

The Breakers had a kit launch event at We Got Soccer in Foxborough to debut their new home kit and tell fans about their work in preseason, as well as some long-term plans.

The Boston Breakers gathered at We Got Soccer in Foxborough to debut their new home kit.

Before the players emerged, GM Lee Billiard and coach Tom Durkin spoke to the crowd, emphasizing that this season was about rebuilding the roster. Billiard discussed the Breakers' academy program and said that the team wants to bring players up all the way from youth to the pro level. While the league has made no announcements regarding development of a homegrown rule, it is clear Billiard is aiming for one in the future.

Coach Durkin announced that his plan was to win the league in three years, but not this year. He said that after last season's less-than-stellar results, he drew up a 30-page plan and went into the draft knowing that this was a season to "rebuild and rejuvenate."

At last, Billiard introduced the team and Kristie Mewis and Kassey Kallman modeled the Breakers' 2015 home kit. The kit features a blue-to-white gradient on the jersey which may call to mind the national team's newly-unveiled "printer is low on toner" look. The Breakers' gradient is much smoother with a textured detail up close.

Away kits were slightly modified to have a v-neck instead of polo collar while goalkeeper kits will remain the same this season.