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Twellman Shares a Must-See Story in light of Blanco's Retirement

Taylor Twellman tells a story that best summarizes the legend of Blanco.

David Cannon/Getty Images

At age 42, Cuauhtemoc Blanco has decided to call it quits on a 23-year playing career. Blanco's final minutes came on Tuesday, Apr. 21 as he made a substitute appearance in Puebla's 4-2 win over Chivas Guadalajara in the Copa MX final. Blanco retires as a contentious figure whose talent was undeniable.

A star midfielder for the Mexican National Team, Blanco has long drawn the ire of US fans. In 2007, he signed a Designated Player contract with the Chicago Fire and served as one of the league's most hated individuals until he returned to Mexico in 2009. Blanco was never short of words, even calling out his own teammates on occasion. He was also a player that seemed to enjoy on-field theatrics and extracurriculars.

That said, Blanco was an incredibly talented individual. The midfielder amassed 120 caps for the Mexican National Team, playing in three World Cups. In MLS, Blanco contributed 17 goals and 27 assists in 71 regular season and playoff appearances.

Former New England Revolution forward and current ESPN analyst Taylor Twellman shared a story about Blanco that best summarized the man's career and reputation.