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Best of Charlie Davies: Ranking His Top 5 Goal Celebrations

On Sunday, after scoring an emphatic equalizer for the Revolution, Charlie Davies busted out his illustrious stanky leg. Where does the celebration rank among his best ever? We share our thoughts.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Charlie Davies, the man who notoriously goes by "Chuck Deezy," loves to score goals. And, as it turns out, he also loves to strut his stuff. In honor of Davies equalizer against the Union--and the ridiculous celebration that followed--we decided to sort through the archives and break down the best of Chuck D.

Charlie Davies' Top 5 Goal Celebrations

1. Original Stanky Leg / Aug. 2, 2014: Revolution vs. Red Bulls

After latching on to a deflected Teal Bunbury cross, Davies finished a simple header and waltzed into his celebration. Let's be honest: Chuck nailed this one. He paused for effect, smiled, lifted his arms and dropped right into his signature move. Check out the extension of that back leg, too--just poetry in motion.

2. Breakin' It Down / Nov. 1, 2014: Revolution vs. Crew

From start to finish, Davies' sequence deserves a second look. The extended header, the quick rise form the turf, the unmistakable little jig. Remember--this goal came on the road. As boos reigned down on Charlie, he took advantage of the moment, showcasing his fluid rug-cutting skills. Nobody could've stopped him in this moment; he was just feeling it.

3. The Birthday Girl / Apr. 19, 2015: Revolution vs. Union

As Bunbury danced down the right channel, Davies freed himself and prepared for a simple cross. He tapped in the equalizer and, in Brandi Chastain fashion, lifted his jersey to reveal...a selfless Happy Birthday tee, a charming shout out to his wife Nina. And then, without hesitation, he broke into his move of choice: the stanky leg. Props to Bunbury for sharing the moment.

4. Tip Toe Wing in my Jawwdinz / Sept. 7, 2014: Revolution vs. Fire

A gritty passage of play from Jermaine Jones led Davies into a one-on-one with Sean Johnson, and the New Hampshire man patiently slotted his shot home. As if nobody was watching, Davies went for the money-maker, prancing up and down as part of a little two-step move. And, just in case his dance didn't make sense the first time around, he tossed in a final little skip, toss and jump. Well done, Charlie.

5. The Shmoney Dance / Nov. 1, 2014: Revolution vs. Crew

With plenty of space at the top of the box, Davies stung a shot off the far post and beyond Crew goalkeeper Steve Clark. Without pause, he jumped into an unexpected, yet totally predictable "grind that pepper" move. Davies' second breakdown of the night looked a little more, well, impromptu than the first, and Paul Mariner rightfully called him out for the unconventional dance move. But hey, Charlie has always been a free spirit, right?

Honorable Mention: The Bop and Weave / Nov. 29, 2014: Revolution vs. Red Bulls

After scoring the biggest goal of his Revolution career--the eventual conference-winning tally--Davies jumped over the wall and embraced the Revolution reserves. Don't be mistaken, though: no crowd could have stopped Charlie from busting a move. As soon as the camera returned to capture the moment, Davies broke into a head bop, a move only Chuck D. could pull off--with absolute class.