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Revolution March Player of the Month: Chris Tierney

Chris Tierney served as a bright spot during an otherwise disappointing March campaign--but Does he deserve PoTM honors? Share your thoughts below.

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For notching a key assist against the San Jose Earthquakes--and delivering consistently flawless service in all four matches--Chris Tierney ran away with our march Player of the Month award. Bobby Shuttleworth, Darrius Barnes and Kelyn Rowe trailed behind, earning recognition for strong performances down the stretch. Did we get it right? Share your opinion below.

Player of the Month: Chris Tierney

Score: 11 votes (out of a possible 12)

March Player Rating: 6.81

Nick: During a daunting two-loss month, few Revolution players displayed any semblance of consistency; Tierney represents one of the few. His set pieces continually put the Revs in position to find the back of the net, his two-way defending regularly shut down the opposition's right channel and his ability to deliver key passes brought life to the club's attack. An assist against San Jose finally landed Tierney on the stat sheet, though his only recognition has come in the form of a Team of the Week shout from Once a Metro. The guy has anchored the back line and the attack through the first four weeks; he will need more help if the Revs' want to compete in November.

Using his golden left foot, Tierney provided picturesque opportunities for Lee Nguyen, Juan Agudelo, and Kelyn Rowe

Jake: It took the Revolution four games to notch their first goal, but that wasn't Tierney's fault as his service has been outstanding as usual. The fact that Tierney only has one assist so far is staggering as the Revolution's early-season struggles were not limited to the defensive side of the ball. Tierney was one of three Revs players (Shuttleworth, Farrell) to play all 360 minutes in New England's first four games.

Seth: Although the Revolution attack was pretty lifeless in March, Tierney was consistently a threat from the flank. Using his golden left foot, Tierney provided picturesque opportunities for Lee Nguyen, Juan Agudelo, and Kelyn Rowe. The Massachusetts native even had a few solid chances himself, including a stunning free kick against the Montreal Impact. While Tierney ends the month with only one assist to his name, he offered much, much more.

Runner-Up: Bobby Shuttleworth

Score: 6 votes

March Player Rating: 6.94

Jake: Bobby was arguably the Revolution's best player in the first two games, which both went for losses. First, he pitched a shutout against Montreal in a 0-0 draw, and then he only conceded a penalty against San Jose. Counting the late saves against the Quakes, he's been just as important to the Revs in the month of march as anyone else on the field. Any questions about whether 2014 was an aberration were put to rest very quickly, as Bobby carried over his form from late last season and into the playoffs.

Honorable Mentions: Kelyn Rowe, Darrius Barnes

Score: 3 votes

March Player Rating: 5.75 (Rowe), 6.92 (Barnes)

Seth: Rowe's highlights for the month largely came from one game, but it was a pretty important one. After three frustrating matches without a goal, Rowe hit a stunning long-range shot to collect the team's first of the season. From there, Rowe's confidence grow as he collected two goals over the course of a career-high five shots on target. Rowe is a streaky player, but when he's hot, he's one of the best in league.

Nick: Just a week ago, I clamored for Jeremy Hall to start against San Jose. While I still believe Hall has a lot to offer along the back line, Barnes deserves recognition for holding down the fort in Kevin Alston and Jose Goncalves’ absence. The back four barely skipped a beat with Barnes playing in the center and right back spots; his strength over the ball, ability to pin the opposition in their own third, strong 1v1 defending and, of course, his versatility, will benefit the Revs down the stretch.