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Jermaine Jones in Contract Talks with Revolution, MLS

Jermaine Jones spoke to ESPN FC on Saturday, talking about his transition to center back and his future with the Revolution.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

After scoring a goal in the World Cup, earning a major MLS Designated Player contract, and helping the New England Revolution to the MLS Cup final, it’s safe to say that Jermaine Jones had a good 2014. Now almost five months into the new year, it appears that 2015 will be a year of change for the German-American.

At the national team level, Jones has been asked to transition to center back. It’s a move that Jones was initially uncertain about, though the uneasiness has faded with time, especially since it could help him earn a spot on the 2018 World Cup team.

"Me and Jurgen [Klinsmann], we talk a lot," Jones told ESPN FC on Saturday. "He told me for like a five time that he see me for a center back. I was not happy [at] first, but it’s cool. So, now I take it and I have still the switch in New England that I can play midfield."

After coming so close in 2014, Jones, who made his 2015 MLS debut last Saturday against Columbus Crew SC, is hoping to win some hardware in 2015. With Jones back for another go around and most of last year's core returning, this could be the year that the Revs finally win the MLS Cup.

This will be no easy task, however, as many have started to pay closer attention to the Revolution. No longer the underdogs, the Revs have been pegged as favorites in the Eastern Conference. The increased attention is something that Jones has already noticed on the field.

"Other teams will be more concentrated against you," Jones said. "That’s complete different to last season. I think a lot of teams last season, they don’t give us so much credit for what we was doing. But this season you can see it. We don’t get so much space behind the defense."

The year of change could also affect the player’s family. Jones currently finds himself jet-setting between coasts because his family lives in California while he works in Massachusetts.

The midfielder is currently in discussions with officials from both the Revolution and MLS about his future. If a long-term deal keeps him in New England, Jones’ living arrangements could be reassessed.

"I’m in discussions with the team, with New England, and with the league," Jones commented. "I want to be close with my family, but for one year I will not move them over here; they have to go in school and we have the house that we already bought for a long time ago."

"If we get a long deal over a long time, maybe I will move my family and kids over, but not for one year, that would make no sense. So, I let them [stay] there and go back and forth and they can make the school there and this will be the place when I’m where we will stay and live."

The full Jermaine Jones interview on ESPN FC can be found here.