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Which Revolution Player Deserves a Bobblehead?

We all love bobbleheads, so which Revolution player is most deserving of one.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Besides having your number retired, there's perhaps no greater honor in sports than having a bobblehead molded in your likeness. Fans will happily enter the gate early to get their hands on these collectibles that display nicely on desks or shelves.

Since 2012, the New England Revolution have made bobbleheads a part of their yearly giveaways and this season is no different. We know that Jermaine Jones will be the first player to be celebrated, but what about the other two players? We here at The Bent Musket have some suggestions.

Seth: Jose Goncalves

With Andrew Farrell and Kevin Alston as the only pure defenders in my bobblehead starting XI, I desperately need a centerback. Sure, Shalrie Joseph and Jones can play there in a pitch, but we all know they belong in the midfield. A bobblehead of JoGo makes sense as he's entering his third year as team captain. If we do get a Goncalves collectible, I ask that he has the pose and facial expression from his infamous goal celebration.

Jake: Chris Tierney

As the longest tenured player on the team and a Massachusetts native, it only makes sense that Tierney should have his own bobblehead. But, in this case, we're aiming to small, because Tierney has arguably one of the best left foots in the entire league, I think that his left leg should also bobble. Bonus points for the first person who scores directly off a free kick in LEGO soccer with the Tierney bobble-leg.

Nick: Bobby Shuttleworth

I've always appreciated the alternative figurines. Everybody owns one with a home kit, or even an away kit - but how many people own goalkeeper bobbles? Yes, I know that Matt Reis has one, but there's a new number one between the sticks. If I can be picky, I would add a 2014 Bobby bobble to my collection. Nice sky blue kit, red trim, crazy combover. Bonus points if the untucked jersey falls to his knees. These things have to be realistic, right?

Steve: Scott Caldwell

Jermaine Jones has talked up his quality, Jay Heaps lauds his consistency in midfield and his ability to win the ball and retain possession, and he's building a cult following in New England. It's time for Scotty Caldwell's big break: his bobblehead. He's an academy kid out of Braintree, he's played in almost every game since midway through the 2013 season, and he definitely deserves it.