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New CBA Agreed Upon, 2015 MLS Season will Start on Time

The new collective bargaining agreement has been agreed upon, which means MLS will start on time.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

It's time to exhale because the 2015 MLS season will start on time.

For the last week, MLS fans have anxiously been following negotiations between league officials and the Players Union over the new collective bargaining agreement. Although teams have been playing in CONCACAF Champions League and preseason matches since the old five-year arrangement expired on Jan. 31, 2014, a new deal needed to be hammered out before First Kick. If the two sides couldn't come to terms, a strike would become a very real possibility.

Information about the discussions changed on an almost hourly basis with some sources saying that a strike was looming before reporting the opposite. Quotes from both sides became rare as talks became more serious on Wednesday.

On Wednesday night, just two days before the season opener between the LA Galaxy and Chicago Fire, good news came.

Soon after, a wave of player tweets helped confirm that MLS would indeed start on time, including a message from New England Revolution goalkeeper Brad Knighton, who was in the nation's capital alongside Chris Tierney.

Formal information about the new agreement is expected later, but pieces have been leaked to various sources.