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Revolution Secondary Jersey Revealed

The New England Revolution have released their new secondary kit.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The rumors are true, the New England Revolution will don a secondary jersey this year designed in the vein of the flag of New England.

Yesterday, local radio hosts Michael Felger & Tony Massarotti promised a Revolution exclusive and they delivered by being the firsts to publicly wear the new kit.

The shirt is a departure from the past as the Revs have typically had a white jersey in their wardrobe. This one, however, is largely red with hints of white and green. The primary jersey, which debuted last year, is a simplistic, blue design.

The Revolution's new secondary kit helps affirm the club's status as New England's team. The Revs' marketing has long centered around the idea of "six states, one team." In 2011, the Revolution had a commercial that featured Matt Reis on a fishing boat declaring "We are New England." At last year's jersey reveal, the team showed a video that had players talking about the importance of the region. This year, the team has started a campaign stating that "Together We are One." The new jersey is another step in the evolution of a successful marketing campaign.