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3 Thoughts: Boston Breakers vs. Jamaica

The Boston Breakers beat Jamaica's national team 5-0 in the first of a two game tune-up series during their Florida tour.

Coach Tom Durkin and team during preseason
Coach Tom Durkin and team during preseason
Stephanie Yang


1. They didn't find the stiffer competition they were looking for

Coach Tom Durkin said that these games against Jamaica were an attempt to find stronger preseason competition than the usual slate of local college teams. But considering the Breakers beat Boston College 4-0 (albeit in a much different format of 3 x 35 minute periods to maximize possible lineups), it would seem they found a comparable challenge at best.

The squad Jamaica fielded may not have been at full strength, though (squad listing). Jamaica brought in several new players and some U20s, while starting goalkeeper Kalijah Terilli is a senior at U Penn. Terilli had a rough night, letting in goals from five different players, including a spill that resulted in a decisive follow-up by Morgan Marlborough.

The real benefit to the Breakers may have been the opportunity for a full-field 90 minutes under real game conditions to build some cohesiveness and get their legs under them.

Jamaica also might not have had the same length of time together as the Breakers have in preseason, instead convening for this eight-day training camp in Florida for what looks like the first time since CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers last October. The Breakers play Jamaica a second and final time this Saturday.

2. Katie Schoepfer playing deeper?

Schoepfer started the second half in midfield, but if the team played in a 4-2-3-1 as reported, then it's likely the two midfielders behind the forward line were Schoepfer and Bianca Brinson. Brinson was very much on the attack in the second half, leaving Schoepfer to perhaps lie deeper in an attempt to fill the defensive mid role left behind by Joanna Lohman.

Schoepfer could provide a solid physical presence in the midfield to break up attacking play, but it's uncertain if she could adapt to holding up the pace or distributing from deep.

3. The lineup is still in flux

The three different lineups Durkin used versus Boston College were just the beginning. Brinson, theoretically being converted to a fullback, seems to have taken a shot at midfield versus Jamaica while reserve player Jasmin Corniel saw time on the flank.

While lineups weren't necessarily tweeted by position, assuming they were, Durkin might have auditioned Maddy Evans at fullback with Amy Barczuk at defensive mid.

Center back saw a mix of Kassey Kallman, Cat Whitehill, and Rachel Wood with reservist Chanel Johnson subbed for Kallman in the 70'.

Durkin also seems to be rotating through Stephanie McCaffrey, Morgan Marlborough, and Nkem Ezurike in the top of his formation with two sets of midfielders behind them - Kristie Mewis, Ketlen Wiggers, Bia, and Rafinha for one and Stephanie Verdoia, Suzane Pires, and Jamia Fields for the other with Maddy Evans as an option for either. Obviously nothing is set in stone this early in the season and future lineups could see more mix ‘n match between the groups.

1st half starting lineup: Jami Kranich, Kassey Kallman, Cat Whitehill, Amy Barczuk, Mollie Pathman, Bia, Rafinha, Ketlen Wiggers, Maddy Evans, Kristie Mewis, Stephanie McCaffrey

2nd half starting lineup: Jami Kranich, Jasmin Corniel, Rachel Wood, Kassey Kallman, Sam Lofton, Katie Schoepfer, Bianca Brinson, Jamia Fields, Suzane Pires, Stephanie Verdoia, Morgan Marlborough