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Boston Breakers Preseason Interview Series: Maddy Evans

Breakers midfielder Maddy Evans discusses her role on the team, her reading list, and how Boston's attack is taking shape.

Stephanie Yang

Boston Breakers midfielder Maddy Evans answered some questions after the team's first outdoors practice at Harvard. At practice Evans was functioning in a more forward role than last season and created some good service into the box from the left for targets Morgan Marlborough and Nkem Ezurike.

Q: First, how is your master's degree coming along?

Evans: It's going well. It definitely feels nice to be back in academic setting. Definitely missed that a little bit. So it's going well. I'm pretty much halfway done at this point.

Q: So are you still working on it now while you're with the Breakers?

Evans: The program I'm in offers online classes so I'll be continuing. It's a very slow rate. I'm only enrolled in like one class at a time but it's nice.

Q: Today in practice you were kind of over on the left getting forward a lot instead of back in the midfield. Do you see yourself in a much more attacking role this season?

Evans: You know I'm kind of just going with the flow at this point. I have seen some more time on the left these first few days, but at this point I'm kind of just kind of taking the opportunity I'm given. But I'm enjoying it out there for sure.

Q: Last season Coach Durkin kind of had you coming in and out as a sub, as an impact sub, sometimes as a starter. I know it's early days yet but are you thinking you're gonna solidify your role? You provide some pretty good attacking options.

Evans: That's obviously the goal, is to be an impact player, and that's my focus coming into this season and I just want to play a big role on this team and I want to be able to contribute in any way possible and whatever that role may be I'm willing to do the job.

Q: You guys were working a lot on working the ball through the middle and finding the attacking player. Are you thinking the team's going to be trying to hold on to more possession in midfield, or a more counterattacking style?

Evans: We're really focusing on trying to get the ball forward quickly. Obviously we want to force it forward, but when it is on we're going to try to find that vertical pass and definitely try to build up out of the back a little faster.

Q: So what's your reading list looking like right now.

Evans: I am reading America's Best Short Stories right now. It's like just a little compilation. I'm enjoying that.

Q: Last question. It's a zombie apocalypse. Who on the team is the first to go and who's going to lead the team to safety. Just keep in mind Julie King said you're the first to go.

Evans: Oh really. I'm going to go with Julie King.

Q: And who leads the team to safety?

Evans: [Instantly] Alyssa Naeher.