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Boston Breakers Preseason Interview Series: Alyssa Naeher

Goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher answered a few questions about her progression with the national team.

Stephanie Yang

Boston Breakers goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher took the time at the team's first outdoors preseason practice to answer some questions about her likely impending call-up to the World Cup squad and her development on the national team. As might be expected with several months and a handful of camps left to go before roster finalization, she played her cards close to the vest, but seemed confident in herself. At practice Naeher was vocal with her back line and worked instructively with backup, reserve, and trialist keepers Jami Kranich, Tori Christ, and Paige Burnett.

TBM: First of all you're likely to be away this summer - well deserved. Have you and Jami discussed any plans for while you're gone?

Naeher: Not really, to be honest. We're kind of leaving that to what Ash [Goalkeeper coach Ashley Phillips] and Tom are thinking. We haven't really talked about it much.

TBM: So how do you approach being a third goalkeeper on a national team roster?

Naeher: You know, just kind of take it one day at a time. You're there for training and experience and pushing everybody. Get the other two ready for what they need to do or jump in for extra trainings and whatnot with the team. Just kind of being available and ready to go.

TBM: You got one cap, which was awesome. Suppose it's the World Cup and through whatever bizarre circumstances you're going in against, say, Germany. So how do you translate one cap of experience into performance in a game like that?

Naeher: I think you just take it as a regular game as much as you can. Obviously the stakes are a little bit higher there. You know, if I can maintain the focus in training and preparing for whatever situation, then whatever situation arises I'm ready for it and not overly freaked out about it. You know you've always got to be ready for anything at that point. So, you know, just staying focused and ready in training and preparing as if you can play so when you are called, then you're ready.

TBM: It's the zombie apocalypse. Who on the team is first to go and who leads everybody to safety. Julie [King] said first to go would be Maddy [Evans] because she's so nice.

Naeher: Yeah it could be Maddy. I could see Shep [Katie Schoepfer] leading us to safety. First to go, maybe Steph [McCaffrey].