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Yankees Players Upset about Stadium Being Used for Soccer

Soccer will be played in Yankee Stadium this Sunday and Yankees players aren't exactly thrilled.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

New York City FC are days away from playing their inaugural home game at Yankee Stadium against the New England Revolution. While NYC soccer fans are ecstatic, Yankees players aren't exactly thrilled.

"It's going to suck, but you have to deal with it," first baseman Mark Teixeira told the Daily News. "It's going to tear up the infield, but there's nothing we can do about it, so we'll deal with it."

Pictures of the work in progress have surfaced on Twitter, showing how much remodeling is needed to arrange the stadium for soccer. While grass remains on the infield, much of the stadium is dirt that will soon be covered by sod.

NYC FC will of course play the Revolution this Sunday. It's an ironic home-opening match considering that the Revs share Gillette Stadium with the Patriots. Though workable for the Revolution, the setup has drawn the ire of some fans, especially when there are football lines during soccer games. It should be noted, however, that the organization has worked hard to reduce the number of games with excess lines.