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Revolution 0-3 Sounders: Player Ratings and Man of the Match

The Revolution lost to the Sounders on Sunday. There were not many strong performances in the defeat.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Bobby Shuttleworth: Average Rating - 4.25 (Steve 4.5, Nick 4)

Steve: Never really did much wrong, but can't give a goalkeeper a good rating when he ships 3 goals. Distribution average at best...Nick: Never had a chance to prove himself. Snared a few aerial balls and seemed to communicate well, though his back line left him out to dry on each of Seattle's three goals.

Chris Tierney: Average Rating - 5 (Steve 5.5, Nick 4.5)

Steve: Solid defense and dangerous service. Caught out at times, but that's more on the center-backs than CT8, who played his usual game...Nick: Looked good moving forward (per usual) and hit a handful of tasteful crosses. Unfortunately, Seattle's attack dominated the left flank, leaving Tierney exposed on a number of occasions.

Andrew Farrell: Average Rating - 1.75 (Steve 2.5, Nick 1)

Steve: Statistically good day, with 75% passing, 2 interceptions, 7 clearances, 7 recoveries. However, abused on the second and third goals, constantly out of position, decision-making poor. "Needs discipline" is the understatement of the century...Nick: Trust me, I'm Farrell's biggest fan. But this was his worst match in navy and red. Erratic passing and miserable positioning doomed the Revs from the uninspiring debut.

Jose Goncalves: Average Rating - 3.5 (Steve 4, Nick 3)

Steve: Similar to Farrell, was pretty beastly on the stat sheet, but chemistry with his new CB partner clearly isn't there. Ball-watching on the third goal...Nick: Not his best day. Made a couple of strong challenges, but also picked poor positions on crosses and set pieces. The captain should always be the hardest working player on the pitch - and Jose was not.

Kevin Alston: Average Rating - 3.75 (Steve 4.5, Nick 3)

Steve: Crossing better, but it was easy to forget he was on the pitch for wide stretches...Nick: I do think Alston is the best right back option - he just didn't show it on Sunday. Looked mesmerized by Martins and Dempsey over the ball, and his defending suffered as a result.

Scott Caldwell: Average Rating - 4.25 (Steve 5.5, Nick 3)

Steve: 86% passing on 64 attempted passes, a clear team-high. Also lead in tackles (5). Scotty had a quietly solid game, should bode well for the future...Nick: Perhaps nobody benefits more from Jermaine Jones than Scott Caldwell. The middle of the park opened up, and Scott could do nothing about it.

Andy Dorman: Average Rating - 4.5 (Steve 5, Nick 4)

Steve: Some were down on Dorman, but he also put in a decent shift. Nearly 84% passing rate, got forward, used his height well in midfield. Not as present defensively...Nick: Routine shift from the wily vet. Clogged up the middle and minimized mistakes in an abbreviated showing.

Kelyn Rowe: Average Rating - 4 (Steve 5, Nick 3)

Steve: Ripped off the best chance of the match and made a lot of high-pressure recoveries. Still struggled with directing the attack, but that may have been rust...Nick: Hasn't looked himself in quite some time. Looked sloppy over the ball and lacked the creativity necessary to support Agudelo up top.

Diego Fagundez: Average Rating - 4.5 (Steve 4.5, Nick 4.5)

Steve: Drifted in and out. Nice to see him take a shot from range, but needs to work harder defensively and find ways to stay involved when the game isn't coming to him...Nick: Diego disappeared for long stretches, but was at the heart of the attack when things went well. One of the few midfielders with creative ideas in the attacking third.

Teal Bunbury: Average Rating - 5 (Steve 4.5, Nick 5.5)

Steve: Stellar forward defense and tracking ruined by horrific passing. An amazing 7 recoveries, covered a lot of ground, needs to be more careful with the ball...Nick: As always, Teal outworked his teammates - and it showed. Needs more polish in the attacking third, but generated a handful of promising chances.

Juan Agudelo: Average Rating - 3.5 (Steve 3, Nick 4)

Steve: Clearly hasn't played competitive soccer in almost a year, tired quickly in the 2nd half. Was clean with the ball when he got it, but didn't make the dangerous moves you expect from a lethal forward...Nick: Looked remarkably fit and played his hold-up role well, though his attacking 'mates offered little-to-no support. Also, the penalty...his momentary sloppiness started the snow ball.

Daigo Kobayashi (sub): Average Rating - 3.75 (Steve 5, Nick 2.5)

Steve: In 34 minutes, he misplaced one pass. One. However, dispossessed twice and failed to provide the spark the attack needed...Nick: Often forgot Daigo entered the match--just had no impact. His skillset appears far more valuable in a starting role.

Sean Okoli (sub): Average Rating - 4 (Steve 4, Nick 4)

Steve: Failed to generate much in his time on the pitch, but didn't necessarily make many mistakes. 2/4 on the dribble, maybe needs more care with the ball...Nick: In limited action, Okoli showed his potential up top. Decent ideas and quick decision making will benefit the Revs down the stretch.

Steve Neumann (sub): Average Rating - 3.75 (Steve 4.5, Nick 3)

Steve: Did not misplace a single pass. Unfortunately, didn't do anything else, either...Nick: Wandered the field at will, and wanted to get involved, though he came on too late to make an impact.