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Revolution Academy Players Have Made College Commitments

Providence College emerges as a big winner in terms of scooping up Revolution academy talent as this year's graduates have made their college commitments.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday was a big day in the lives and futures of a handful of New England Revolution academy graduates. The young players announced their collegiate commitments, taking the time spent with the U-16s and U-18s and bringing it to the next level.

Providence College, who made a Cinderella run in the NCAA College Cup tournament in 2014 with Revolution academy alumni Fabio Machado, Dominik Machado, and Manny Andrade, is making out the best of the bunch, nabbing two more academy players who may help to replace the departing Fabio Machado, a 2015 MLS SuperDraft Combine attendee.

This particular class of players features several longtime academy standouts who might well have professional soccer in their futures. Zach Herivaux, a Haiti U-20 international and long-touted prospect in defense and midfield who is the reigning United HealthCare Youth Player of the Year, is heading to Providence along with fellow defender/midfielder Guy Kabala, who has seen action with the U.S. U-17 program. That leaves PC with four Revolution academy players on their roster, right where the front office can continue to evaluate them from just up the road in Foxboro.

The full list is below, along with their commitments. Starred entries represent players who are joining other academy alums at that school.

Austin Aviza (Medway, Mass.) - Syracuse University*
Chris Arling (Windham, N.H.) - University of New Hampshire*
Derek Blanchette (Scituate, R.I.) - Bryant University
Suri Chavali (Brookline, Mass.) - University of Massachusetts Amherst
Zach Herivaux (Brookline, Mass.) - Providence College*
Guy Kabala (Manchester, N.H.) - Providence College*
Amadu Kunateh (Lynn, Mass.) - Dartmouth College
Matt Morana (Shrewsbury, Mass.) - Lehigh University
Dylan Mott (Andover, Mass.) - Columbia University

An interesting, if unrelated, tidbit: there are two Ivy League commitments among this year's class. This marks the first time that multiple academy graduates have committed to Ivy League schools in one year, and brings the total Ivy League connection up to four. Kunateh and Mott will face off against Christian Sady of Harvard and Jack Hilger of Princeton in 2015, former teammates and current Ivy Leaguers.