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What Phrase Should be on the Revolution's New Jersey?

Based on leaks, this year's crop of jerseys will carrying team-specific sayings along the inside neckline. What should the Revolution's say?

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

We know that the New England Revolution will debut a new secondary jersey in 2015 and that it won’t be white. That’s about the extent of our knowledge. The jerseys of other teams have leaked, however, which can be used for insight.

Looking at the Montreal Impact’s secondary, New York Red Bull’s primary and Seattle Sounders’ primary, it appears that a strip at the bottom of the kit is the latest trend.

Another common feature is a team-oriented phrase along the inside neckline. Seattle’s says "come on Seattle" (notice the lack of a comma) while the Portland Timber’s reads "let it rain let it pour let the Portland Timbers score" (the saying is broken up appropriately, so commas aren't necessarily needed).

These phrases aren’t new as the Revolution’s home jersey currently reads "New England EST 1996."  While the slogan used is certainly accurate, it could be more creative. As a result, here are five suggestions that could be used on the Revolution’s new jersey.

1. 20 Years and Still the Same

While other teams have gone through rebrands, the Revs have remained faithful to their founding name and logo. This has drawn the ire of some fans, but it should be a source of pride. The Revs are a MLS original who have had many successful seasons despite never capturing the elusive MLS Cup. "20 years and still the same" would be a nice nod to all those who have stuck with the team.

2. New England ‘Til I Die

"New England ‘til I die" is a simple phrase that embodies most Revolution fans. They’re anxiously glued to their televisions during away games and make the trek to Foxboro for home games. They don the jersey whenever possible and are willing to fight against the Dan Shaughnessys of the world. The Revs are sometimes criticized for their attendance numbers, but there’s no question that those who do travel to Gillette Stadium are dedicated. If you don’t believe me then reference the tifo displays put together by members of the Rebellion and Midnight Riders during the latter stages of 2014.

3. Bless the Rains

No one could have predicted that Toto’s "Africa" would become the Revolution’s unofficial theme song but it has. At every home game, fans can be seen belting out the lyrics to "Africa" during halftime. Fans are so confident in the powers of Toto that the tune is played at away game viewing parties and sung by those who travel with the team.

4. Everywhere we Follow

Taken straight from a chant, the phrase "everywhere we follow" definitely describes the passion in New England. The Revolution’s offer of free busing to Red Bulls Arena for the Eastern Conference Final for 850 fans was met with so much enthusiasm that the club decided to extend their offer to 1,150 fans. In the end, 20 buses traveled to New Jersey to watch the Revs win. Later, over 1,000 supporters made the trip to Carson, CA for the MLS Cup Final on a week’s notice.

5. Supah Revs

"Supah Revs" is a simple and timeless phrase that has been sung countless times at Gillette Stadium. It’s nothing special, but it doesn’t carry the irony of "20 years and still the same" and it won’t become dated, a fate that could befall "Bless the Rains."