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Jermaine Jones Featured in Under Armour "Earn Your Armour" Ad

Jermaine Jones has quickly become the face of the Revolution; now, he is on his way to becoming the face of Under Armour soccer. View his "Earn Your Armour" ad below.

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Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Four months after Jermaine Jones scored a "cracker" in a pivotal World Cup match against Portugal, the U.S. midfielder signed on with the Under Armour family, joining fellow Foxboro man Tom Brady and FC Kansas City star Lauren Holiday. Aside from a few appearances on, Jones' involvement with the brand has remained quiet--until early February, when he appeared in an advertisement as part of the company's "Earn Your Armour" series.

In the video, Under Armour focuses on Jones' gritty, resilient side. The hard-working midfielder faces his critics head on in the opening scene, stating: "Some of them, they say I'm like a 'bad boy' on the pitch. But I'll take that. If I have to make some trash talk, some tactical fouls for my team, I'll do it."

Jones, a German native, goes on to tell his story, from the struggles of growing up in a "tough area" to rising through the ranks of world soccer.

"To score at the World Cup is like a kid's dream," he said.