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Designer Re-imagines the Revolution's Crest

Designer Zac Freeland has created an updated crest for the New England Revolution. What do you think of his proposal?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We know that the New England Revolution will be debuting a new secondary jersey this year, but designer Zac Freeland decided to go a step further by creating a revamped crest.

Freeland goes into full detail about the thought-process behind the design on his website. The shallowtail shape is a nod to New England's historic coastline, the thirteen stripes represent the region's important role in the founding of this country, and the six stars symbolize the six conjoined states. The crest recognizes the Revolution's status as a MLS original by including the number "96."

Freeland's design is unique because it's a modernization of the current logo as opposed to a complete overhaul. Freeland uses the same colors and even keeps the flag motif in creating a very classy final product.

What do you think of Freeland's crest? Let us know in the comments below or tweet at the designer (@ZacFreeland).