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Revolution Transfers 2015: Alston, Dorman and Hall set for Re-Entry Draft

Three New England Revolution players are set to take part in the Re-Entry Draft.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Alston, Jeremy Hall and Andy Dorman could soon be on the move as the three veterans are eligible for the Re-Entry Draft.

Alston and Hall are available after having their options declined last month. Dorman's situation is a bit different as his contract has expired. Stage 1 of the Re-Entry Draft will take place at 3 pm ET on Friday, Dec. 11 while Stage 2 is scheduled for 3 pm ET on Thursday, Dec. 11.

Alston, 27, has been with the New England Revolution since 2009. In 2015, he appeared in 16 regular season games, including nine starts. Alston has shown the ability to play as a fullback on either side.

Hall, 27, joined the Revolution last offseason via a trade with Toronto FC. In his first season in blue, Hall played in 12 games with 11 starts. Hall competed for the right back spot all year long.

Dorman, 33, started his second stint in New England in 2013. The center midfielder was originally drafted by the Revs in 2004 but left the club in 2007 to pursue overseas option. Dorman saw action in 18 games last year, including 12 starts.

It's worth noting that Alston, Dorman, and Hall could still rejoin the Revolution.