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Jermaine Jones Takes to Twitter to Comment on Future in MLS

The defensive midfielder hints at what's to come.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Jermaine Jones is a mystery man. As rumors about his future continue to swirl, he has taken to social media to give "insight" into his latest frame of mind. Of course, that doesn't mean his insight is clear—or even comprehensible. But it just may hint at what's next for the USMNT mainstay.

On Saturday, Jones published this vague tweet about his future in MLS. Though he doesn't cite a team, the words "I will be back" published with the MLS hashtag may indicate that he is planning to return to the league in 2016.

The phrase in the center of the tweet—"especially with people in my back who don't support me"—seemingly takes a shot at fans and media members who prefer he play elsewhere, though the phrase is shrouded in ambiguity.

More recently, Jones retweeted an article about club GM Mike Burns wanting him back.

The article links to a CSN-NE video interview between Burns and journalist Dalen Cuff. In the interview, Burns says, "Jermaine Jones is well aware that certainly he can wear a Revs jersey next year if he wants to...we'd like to have him back, we've made that known to him...but beyond that it's ultimately going to be a decision of Jermaine's."

Burns continues to say, "It's just too early to tell on where he's going to ultimately end up making his decision."

Could Jones be touting his authority—and reminding followers that he can return to New England if he chooses to? Could he be celebrating Burns' desire to have him back? Or could he be hinting at something entirely different?

Herein lays the mystery of Jermaine Jones. Though we may not know what he's thinking, it certainly sounds as though he plans to stay in MLS. And that's a good thing—unless, of course, he elects to play for another club.