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Boston Breakers re-sign Stephanie McCaffrey

McCaffrey will be part of the the team's restructuring in 2016

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The Boston Breakers have re-signed forward Stephanie McCaffrey for the 2016 season.

McCaffrey was one of the team's bright spots in 2015, making an impression her rookie year with her penetrating runs deep into defenses and attacking connection with midfielder Kristie Mewis. She had three goals and three assists in 19 games, along with the most shots and shots on goal after Mewis.

McCaffrey will be part of the team's restructuring in the wake of letting go of old coach Tom Durkin and hiring new head coach Matt Beard. Beard has already brought some influence to the roster, signing players he has coached before in defender Whitney Engen and goalkeeper Libby Stout.

General manager Lee Billiard was very up on McCaffrey in the team's press release. "We fought hard to get her in the draft because we knew what her capabilities and upside were, and she showed that in her rookie year in the NWSL, and now is showing at the national level. In my opinion, she is going to be one of the top attacking threats in this league, and I'm glad she will be doing it in a Breakers jersey." Billiard further implied on twitter McCaffrey was part of the team's long-term plans.

At only 22, McCaffrey could be a marquee player for the team to build around in years to come.  Her cachet may be on the rise with the national team as well, making it even more imperative to keep her attached to Boston.

The Breakers roster seems to be mostly full at this stage, barring any players being released. With months yet to go before the pre-season starts, Beard and Billiard could have plenty more trades up their English sleeves.