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The Revolution need to rise up and make a splash (or two)

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Players are returning, some are gone and the same old Revs remain. It's time to change that.

As the flag reads, now is the time for the Revs to "Rise Up".
As the flag reads, now is the time for the Revs to "Rise Up".
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Love or hate the moves, the New England Revolution's 2016 roster is starting to take shape.

The core of Bobby Shuttleworth, Andrew Farrell, Scott Caldwell, Lee Nguyen, Charlie Davies and others is here to stay, while unnecessary parts have possibly said their last hoorah.

Kevin Alston, Jeremy Hall, Andy Dorman and Steve Neumann could come back under restructured deals, but those details will surface over the coming weeks. Whatever happens, they've all been great ambassadors for the club and will land on their feet somewhere.

And let's leave the Jermaine Jones saga for another day, but, for the record, I believe he's long gone.

With all of that in mind, there's an incredible opportunity for Major League Soccer's most snakebitten franchise, and it should leave all Revs fans salivating at what could be.

Before getting to that point, though, it's important to realize what has elevated teams like the Portland Timbers and Columbus Crew SC to the brink of an MLS Cup clash: the ability to maximize their strengths and turn the opponent's best player into a weakness.

That's the next level towards which Jay Heaps and Mike Burns should be striving, mainly because they're on the outside looking in right now. Things need to get better, and there are roster slots and cap space to finagle with now.

Whether it's a game-changing right back or a central midfielder that changes this team's complexion entirely, the Revs need to go after a player who has "it". Not someone who's going to fill a roster spot and offer occasional depth. Yes, those players serve a purpose and will likely trickle into the red, white and blue over the next couple months, but I'm talking about an entirely different echelon of player.

I'm referencing how Giovinco came in and entirely revolutionized Toronto FC this past year. I'm thinking of how Kei Kamara was the perfect piece to Gregg Berhalter's puzzle over in Columbus. And last but not least, how Giovani dos Santos will likely be the "x-factor" for the LA Galaxy next year.

Now is not the time for the Revs to rest on their laurels, but instead do the opposite. Now is the time to sign a difference maker who will vault the Revs back to dominance and eradicate the rollercoaster nature of their past two seasons. There have been incredible highs and crushing lows. All it takes is a shrewd signing or two to stabilize the club's track record.

The core is in place and there are probably dozens of viable options both foreign and domestic. Who ever pictured Diego Valeri running the show in the Rose City? Or what about Pedro Morales shining for the Vancouver Whitecaps? Truth be told, nobody. If they tell you otherwise, they're lying straight to your face.

So, the present day is when the Revs enter the dawn of MLS' most recent evolution. Now is their chance to finally grasp the ever-elusive MLS Cup. Now is when Jay Heaps unearths a hidden gem or makes a statement signing.

In simplistic terms: carpe diem.