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Comfirmed: Jay Heaps and Michael Burns to visit Sporting CP, Three Players to Train in Portugal

Representatives are set to travel to Portugal, according to a report now confirmed by the club. Additionally, three players will have a three week training stint with Sporting CP.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Representatives from the New England Revolution will soon visit Sporting CP, according to a Portuguese news outlet. Among those expected to travel are head coach Jay Heaps and general manager Michael Burns. The players will arrive on Nov. 29 but there was not specific date mentioned for Heaps and Burns.

The Revolution issued a press release earlier that confirmed the report, and three players will train with Sporting CP from November 29th to December 18th before returning to the US. Smith and Okoli had their club options picked up and Herivaux was already under contract for 2016.

Earlier this week there were rumors that Zachary Herivaux will train with Sporting CP. Herivaux won't be alone as Sean Okoli and Donnie Smith will also participate. The three players will train with Sporting for three weeks.

The Revs announced their partnership with Sporting CP on Oct. 1, 2014. Since then, there hasn't been much public chatter, though Burns did admit that the club hadn't used the partnership "as much as we probably should've."

Sending young players, all of which are under 25, should be viewed as positive. Exposure to another style of play will only help in their development.

Perhaps more interesting is that Heaps and Burns will be traveling to Lisbon. Last season there was talk that midfielder Heldon could join the Revs on loan. The move ultimately didn't pan out. Might the Revs front office be eyeing someone else ahead of 2016?