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Andrew Farrell plays "karate soccer" according to Kei Kamara

...And he might be right.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

When you watch a New England Revolution game, it’s hard to ignore the athleticism of Andrew Farrell. The Louisville product is willing to do anything to clear the ball, including bold slide tackles and overhead kicks. It’s a risky style but one that has proven to be effective.

Columbus Crew SC’s Kei Kamara, who finished 2015 with 22 regular-season goals, has taken note of Farrell’s play and is willing to name him as one of the league’s most athletic players.

"Andrew Farrell, I don’t know what kind of athleticism he does have," Kamara said during an interview with Extra Time Radio. "He throws himself sometimes in a way where I don’t even think he’s playing soccer. It looks like some karate soccer that he does sometimes."

Kamara went on to note that there are plenty of athletic players in MLS before saying that he’s the best when it comes to aerial prowess.