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Twellman vs. Agudelo: Who you got?!

Who did the bike kick better: Taylor Twellman or Juan Agudelo?

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Juan Agudelo's bicycle kick in the first half of Wednesday's playoff game against D.C. United was nothing short of spectacular. The 22-year-old looked more than confident as he set up and finished a shot that generally has a low completion rate.

That said, long-time New England Revolution fans have seen something similar before. In 2007, club legend Taylor Twellman had an almost identical play in the Eastern Conference Final. The moment of brilliance, which occurred in a frosty Gillette Stadium, will forever be remembered as it helped the Revolution return to their third straight MLS Cup Final.

So the Revs have gotten two excellent bike kicks in two critical moments. The question is, who did better?

In a halftime Periscope, Twellman humbly stated that Agudelo's hit was 100 times better. Dom Dwyer also offered an endorsement of Agudelo.

So, what do you think? Take a look at each goal and vote in the poll below.