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Revolution Receive FIFA Payouts for World Cup 2014 Players

FIFA paid out club teams for sending their players to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and he Revolution were among the 16 MLS Clubs who got paid.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

FIFA has paid out its promised compensation to clubs across the globe after their players participated in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, according to Joe-Prince Wright from ProSoccerTalk.

A fund of around $70 million was set aside by soccer's world governing body, and teams were issued compensation based on the days that players were on national team duty, to the tune of $2,800 per day. Sixteen MLS clubs were paid for this, including the New England Revolution.

Having sent only Jerry Bengtson to the tournament, the Revolution were not among the league's (or the world's) top earners, but they still grabbed themselves a solid $81,200. That put them at 11th on the list, between Vancouver ($40,600) and Toronto ($94,500).

The top MLS earners were San Jose, with a whopping $260,400.

it is unclear if the club received every cent of the award, since MLS's single-entity structure often forces the sharing of certain revenues between clubs and the league as a whole. Only a percentage of transfer fees, for example, go directly to the transferring club.

In all, MLS clubs received $1,793,632. How that number doesn't end in two zeroes is unknown, so there may be more to the compensation formula than just the flat rate of $2,800 per day.

The league, as a whole, just barely outstripped the top-earning club in the world, Bayern Munich, which was paid $1,734,367.