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Jermaine Jones Interested in Europe Return Next Year?

Jermaine Jones just arrived in New England late last season, but his time with the Revs may have an expiration date.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

There's nothing like a careless or unassuming comment to a media personality that gets a fanbase all in a tizzy. Especially a naturally-paranoid fanbase with a slight inferiority complex, like the New England Revolution fanbase.

Today it's Jermaine Jones, who apparently told Doug McIntyre of ESPN that he would be open to a return to Europe after his contract expires in December. You can't really blame the supporters; it does give the distinct impression that Jones is already thinking about life after New England.

However, a little perspective is key. As of right now, Jermaine Jones is contracted until December 2015. What happens after that deal runs its course will be determined by a number of factors, not least of which the Revolution's ability to extend him an offer he feels represents his worth. Europe will be one of numerous options he explores, including forcing a move elsewhere in MLS.

And though, of course, it's easy to expect the worst, the Revolution may yet try to make Jones' stay in Foxboro a little lengthier.

So, full story, Jermaine Jones is keeping his options open, as long as they are open. It does, however, remind you that despite the youth in the Revs' first team, their championship window might be a little smaller than we realize.