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Revolution Transfer Watch: An Inside Look at Sporting CP midfielder Heldon

TBM spoke to Paulo Teixeira about Heldon and his rumored move to the New England Revolution.

Heldon on the day he signed with Sporting CP
Heldon on the day he signed with Sporting CP
Paulo Teixeira/SFL

The rumored deal that would send Sporting CP midfielder Heldon to the New England Revolution would be "win-win," according to CBF licensed agent Paulo Teixeira.

Earlier this week, Teixeira tweeted that the Revolution were interested in adding Heldon. Teixeira helped broker the deal that brought Heldon from Maritimo to Sporting. He was also involved in moving Oriol Rosell from Sporting KC to Sporting CP. Although he's not currently involved in the rumored discussions between the Revs and Sporting CP, he could be if negotiations become more serious.

Teixeira, who stated that officials from both sides would meet this week, took time to speak with the Bent Musket.

The Bent Musket (TBM): What's Heldon's situation with Sporting CP?

Paulo Teixeira: Heldon is under contract until June 19 with a buyout clause of 45 million Euros. So high buyout clauses are quite common and they are persuasive.

TBM: We've seen Heldon characterized as a forward and attacking midfielder. In your opinion, what is Heldon's best position?

PT: His best position is as a winger. But he has been positioned as an attacking midfielder (8) with his national team

TBM: What do you see as Heldon's strengths?

PT: Speed, one-to-one, explosion, mental strength. He has gone up from small clubs like Fatima up to the top of Portuguese League with no favors from anyone.

TBM: What do you see as Heldon's weaknesses?

PT: Would say he needs to mature even more in order to be able to cope with high level soccer on a regular basis.

TBM: What are the benefits of moving Heldon, either as a loan or purchase, to the Revolution?

PT: My understanding of the Revolution policy is to have him on loan to see whether he can cope with MLS intensity and physicality. More or less like Gonçalves' case. It's a win-win situation because he would not cost NER a transfer and he would be able to play on a regular basis, which cannot happen in Sporting because of Nani. Other than that, in market terms, he would bring some of  the Cape Verdean community to join NER since he is very popular due to his performances with the national team.

Teixeira can be followed on Twitter (@epteixeira).