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Jermaine Jones Featured on "MLS Insider"

"MLS Insider" recounts the arrival of Jermaine Jones in their latest online feature.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

It hasn’t taken Jermaine Jones long to become the face of the New England Revolution as the German-American has already conducted countless interviews with both local and national media. Most recently, Jones was chronicled by "MLS Insider," an Emmy-award winning documentary series that appears online.

The short video enlightens viewers to Jones’ transition to Major League Soccer. Some of the more notable moments include head coach Jay Heaps expressing his excitement to Revolution Investor/Operator Robert Kraft, Jones being welcomed into the locker room by his new teammates and Charlie Davies discussing Jones’ impact on the training grounds.

The video also includes some stadium talk. Jones points out the impressive crowds at Seattle Sounders’ games before acknowledging that their stadium is downtown. Jones goes on to say that winning will likely draw more people to Gillette Stadium.

"When we come to playoffs, and we go far and we beat maybe one of the big teams, people will say 'come on, we go watch'," Jones hypothesized.

While the piece itself doesn’t provide diehard Revolution fans with much new information, it does serve as a nice memento of one of the biggest days in club history.