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Revs 0, Crew 1 - Player Ratings and Man of the Match

Steve Clark and Federico Higuain were the heroes in Columbus for the Crew, but that doesn't mean the Revs played badly. Jake, Nick Hemming and Nick Casale have their player ratings from the weekend.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Bobby Shuttleworth - Average Rating 7.67 (Jake 7.5, Hemming 8.5, Casale 7)

Jake: You can't fault him for the set piece goal, but he stonewalled Higuain on a penalty and commanded his area really well in this game. If the Revs had conceded in the first half it would've been because of non-existing marking, not because of Bobby. Hemming: If we're being picky, he was probably a half-step out of position on the Higuain tally, but sometimes you just have to tip your cap. An otherwise stellar performance, including a mighty PK save. Casale: While his positioning and communication with the defense is certainly questionable at times, Bobby came up with two huge saves and kept the Revs in the game until the final whistle.

Darrius Barnes - Average Rating 4.5 (Jake 4, Hemming 5, Casale N/A)

Jake: Not great in distribution, did give away the foul that led to the goal. Shame he picked up a knock, did very well in 1v1s at times and had little support on the left flank. Hemming: Thought he covered well in his limited outing, but loses major points for setting up the match's only goal. With no shot at redemption, Darrius' day went down as a negative one. Casale: I'm refusing to give Barnes a rating here because he picked up a knock early in the game and then he just didn't look himself.

Jose Goncalves - Average Rating 6.83 (Jake 6, Hemming 7.5, Casale 7)

Jake: Constant force in the backline but his passing going forward wasn't the best. Somehow drew five fouls which seems really impressive for a center back. Hemming: Served as a sturdy anchor in the back and proved strong in the air once again. Still baffled by his ability to shepherd the ball--and draw silly fouls. Casale: A much better game for Jogo as he reminded us all of his elite athleticism. He won the challenges he had to, and shepherds the ball out like no one else in MLS. My only knock on him was his distribution from the back, needs to play the simple ball at times rather than blast it up field.

A.J. Soares - Average Rating 7.5 (Jake 7, Hemming 8, Casale  7.5)

Jake: Yes, he gave away the penalty but he was still the Revs best defender on the field today even if he knew little about that blocked shot off the line. Hemming: Nearly a flawless match, minus the desperation tackle that led to Higuain's PK. Still convinced his heel flick saved a goal. Casale: Forget the penalty, he had to do it. Soares was solid in the back the the whole game and was truly a rock in the back. I don't think it's fair to criticize him when the midfield doesn't do it's job defensively.

Andrew Farrell - Average Rating 6 (Jake 5, Hemming 6.5, Casale 6.5)

Jake: An up and down day for the right back, who covered a lot of ground on the flank but still can't hit a cross. Got beat a few times in the back as well. Hemming: His ability to push forward and track back with pace makes him so, so valuable. Unfortunately, he lacks adequate distribution in the attacking third, a complaint we've had for all too long. Casale: Defended well when he had to and showed Jay Heaps that he is much more comfortable on the right. He used his speed to provide an outlet on the flank, but his service once again lacked in quality.

Scott Caldwell - Average Rating 5.16 (Jake 5, Hemming 5, Casale 5.5)

Jake: I want to give Scotty a lot of credit for his marking on Higuain, but he also got bossed around by Tchani in the center of the field. Hemming: His game seemed to dramatically improve when J.J. stepped on the pitch. In the first half, Columbus pushed him around in the middle; in the second, he played like a man in danger of losing his job. Casale: It was a disappointing performance overall for Caldwell as Tchani continually got the better of him. He was outmuscled in the middle of the pitch and didn't do a good enough job holding possession.

Diego Fagundez - Average Rating 4.16 (Jake 3, Hemming 4.5, Casale 5)

Jake: Diego had a few good chances toward goal, but I expect that. His defending was borderline non-existent and the reason why Eric Gerhig dominated the flank for Columbus. Hemming: Looked strong moving forward, but disappeared when the ball crossed into Revs territory. Would like to see Diego use his speed and quickness to better occupy the flank. Casale: Looked like a shadow of the player he was in last year's stellar campaign. Showed better movement at times, but didn't demand the ball enough and seemed to run out of ideas when his signature tiki taka into the middle was snuffed out.

Lee Nguyen - Average Rating 6.83 (Jake 6, Hemming 7, Casale 7)

Jake: Dangerous as always on the attack but the Revs never were able to find that killer chance on the counter. Still a good game from Lee. Hemming: Lee came down to earth a bit, but I think his match had more to do with his teammates than his individual play. Seemed to run out of ideas as the match pressed onward. Casale: Looked dangerous when he was on the ball, but he simply did not see enough of it to change the game. Nguyen has been at the crux of everything positive lately and cannot be blamed for not doing enough against a solid team.

Daigo Kobayashi - Average Rating 5.83 (Jake 5, Hemming 6, Casale 6)

Jake: He never got into the game as the Revs struggled to maintain possession in the first half and got subbed at the half for Jones. Not a bad shift though. Hemming: I thought Daigo did an adequate job of clogging up the middle, and frequently had inventive ideas moving forward. Good shift interrupted by Jones' return. Casale: A sound performance from the center midfielder and tried to do his job. However, Daigo didn't provide any sort of bite in the middle - something that was sorely needed against the Crew.

Kelyn Rowe - Average Rating 4.83 (Jake 4.5, Hemming 5, Casale 5)

Jake: Another Revs player who never found the game, Rowe did try to get service in to the box but the Revs attack wasn't firing. Hemming: In the first half, Rowe covered the flank well, and curled in a handful of half-chances. Unfortunately, he disappeared in the second frame when we needed him most. Casale: Faded in and out of the game, but tracked back well at times and gave the Revs width. It was a night to forget for Rowe and plays much better when he sees more of the ball.

Charlie Davies - Average Rating 5.83 (Jake 5.5, Hemming 6, Casale 6)

Jake: Much improved in his hold up play, which will never show up in the stat box but an underrated outing by Davies who almost snatched a point late for the Revs. Hemming: The Revs failed to put the ball on Charlie's feet early, but he proved capable of a full 90 shift with a near-equalizer. Without a sensational stop by Clark, he exits as the match's hero. Casale: Nearly scored the equalizer and stretched the Crew backline all night. However, in a night when the Revs struggled to maintain possession Davies did not do enough to give his teammates a simple option up front.


Jermaine Jones - Average Rating 5.16 (Jake 5, Hemming 4.5, Casale 6)

Jake: Yes, he did get fouled a few times and Ted Unkel didn't blow the whistle but not even Jones could kickstart the Revs attack off the bench. Hemming: I want to harp on the abuse he took in the second half, but that wouldn't be fair. His protests created a sense of frustration and urgency that hurt the Revs down the stretch, capping his worst outing in navy and red. Casale: While it wasn't his best performance his quality is obvious to everyone. His brightest moment came when he sprinted back 50 plus yards to take the ball from the speedy Ethan Finlay. That play embodied everything Jones is about and his tremendous work rate is going to be instrumental in the Revs late season run.

Chris Tierney - Average Rating 6.67 (Jake 6, Hemming 7, Casale 7)

Jake: Always nice to have such a dangerous crosser on the bench as Tierney delivered good service off the bench for the hobbled Barnes. Hemming: Moved up the flank with purpose and hit a number of daunting crosses. Would like to see his name in the 11 against Sporting KC. Casale: What he lacks defensively is made up in his attacking ability. He gives the Revs another dimension when he is on the field and another option in the attack. Excited to see how far his fitness has come along if he is included in the starting 11 against SKC.

Steve Neumann - Average Rating 5.33 (Jake 5, Hemming 5, Casale 6)

Jake: Drew a late foul that led to the Revs final chance but otherwise a relatively quiet shift as the Revs chased the game. Hemming: Showcased a little bit of flash, and drew a late foul, but ultimately had few chances to make a difference. Casale: In his 18th substitute appearance he showed why he has been a steady option off the bench. When he came onto the field he immediately looked hungry and provided the Revs a bit of spark, but he has yet to find his best form.