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2014 MLS All-Star Game: Time To Root For Bayern Munich Revs Fans

For the second straight year, or maybe more, I've lost count, the Revolution don't have a player in the annual MLS All-Star Game. It's okay, we'll root for the other team.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, not only did Major League Soccer not selected eventual Defender of the Year Jose Goncalves to the playing roster, but he failed to make the 32-man bonus roster as well. I could not sit by and let this slight against my team and captain, I had to defend my New England Revolution.

So that led me to creating a hashtag, #Revs4Roma, on Twitter in support of the MLS All-Star Game's opponent from last year, AS Roma from Serie A of Italy who dominated the MLSers thanks to Michael Bradley, Francesco Totti and a host of other great players. It was a rousing success, or at the very least, I had a lot of fun.

And this year was no different, with the Revolution again not represented on the field and with a slight chance Lee Nguyen could make that 32-man roster, it's time to break out this year's hashtag for the Revs fans during the 2014 MLS All-Star Game.


I'm not kidding, I'm pretty sure I asked TBM reader and Revs / Bayern fan Christopher Brown (@cbrown4747) the day his German club was announced what the hashtag should be for the game. This was months ago and sadly, I'm only allowed to have a few creative moments every year, it's not a strong suit of mine.

Chris quickly came up with #Boston4Bayern, and I took an immediate liking to it. It had the same symmetry as #Revs4Roma and although it doesn't encompass all of New England, I was willing to let that slide. Plus it led to amazing things like this:

So, just because there won't be an Revs players in Portland tonight, doesn't mean that I won't have fun. I'll be supporting Chris' team, giving tremendously biased play-by-play and hopefully watching the MLS All-Stars get annihilated. Why?

Because Lee Nguyen isn't walking through that door, Caleb Porter. Jose Goncalves isn't walking through that door...

The best case scenario, maybe we get my little hashtag trending in Boston on Twitter. Worst case, we have a lot of fun enjoying a exhibition game that we really wouldn't care that much about anyway. I'll be on Twitter (@JCatanese43) and I'm sure that Chris will be too and everyone goes home happy after Bayern puts up a touchdown on the MLS All-Stars.