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New England Revolution 1, New York Red Bulls 2 - Player Ratings and Man of the Match

The New England Revolution blew a man advantage and a 1-0 halftime lead against New York, ultimately loosing 2-1 in frustrating fashion. This loss was the 9th in the last 10 games and it dropped the Revs into 6th place in the Eastern Conference. Nevertheless, Jake and Nick Hemming have their ratings for the game.

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SCREAM, SHOUT, THROW THINGS. Yes, it was very, very bad. But, where is the blame for this one going? The soccer gods? Heaps? The organization? The players? It's probably a combination of all these variables, but that's for us to decide and for the Rev's to, hopefully, fix. Perhaps a small breakdown of each player can help analyze their utter second-half implosion against NY.

Bobby Shuttleworth - Average Rating 3.75

Nick - 4.5 - I thought Bobby looked in better form than he has in previous matches, and he simply cannot be blamed for the game-winner. Unfortunately, no excuse in the world will save him from the McCarty goal. He got caught cheating and it hurt. Bad.

Jake - 3 - There is only one person to blame for the Dax McCarty goal and that's Shuttleworth. You should never be caught of your line in that situation with a player at the top of your box. This game could have been far worse as well as Shuttleworth was bailed out by the post as well.

Kevin Alston - Average Rating 4.5

Nick - 4 - Every time the Bulls pushed down the left side, Alston seemed to pinch into the center, forcing various players to play his role. I clamored for KA to get more time earlier in the season, and he hasn't proven worthy (yet).

Jake - 5 - I'm not sure why he spent most of the second half playing basically left midfield but it killed the Revs in the second half. To be fair, Alston did fairly well across the board but that was a small tactical change that I wasn't fond of.

Jose Goncalves - Average Rating 5

Nick - 5 - Solid match in the back, but, along with his teammates, had to do better on the Wright-Phillips' tally. Has yet to consistently showcase his 2013 form.

Jake - 5 - Distribution wasn't spectacular but was sound defensively, could've tracked BWP better on the goal but there was so much wrong with the Revs in that sequence.

A.J. Soares - Average Rating 5.5

Nick - 6 - A.J. looked cool and composed for most of the evening (minus his ill-timed injury), and looked surprisingly dangerous building out of the back. The best Revs defender on Saturday--and it showed.

Jake - 5 - I'll give him a pass on the Bradley Wright-Phillips goal since he injured himself at midfield during the Red Bull's buildup. Didn't do a lot of passing but when he did a lot of it was forward and accurate.

Andrew Farrell - Average Rating 4.5

Nick - 5 - Uncharacteristically sloppy night for the sophomore. Never seemed to comfortable moving forward--or distributing the ball, really.

Jake - 4 - Passing was poor, couldn't switch the field or go forward effectively, it was a forgettable night for the talented right back.

Scott Caldwell - Average Rating - 5.5

Nick - 6 - Honestly, I thought Scotty turned in one of his better performances on Saturday. McCarty & Co. had all the space in the world, but the Revs couldn't hold possession in the middle, either. The guy can only do so much.

Jake - 5 - Standard game from Scotty, great distribution and decent containment work in the middle but the Red Bulls picked him and the defense apart on the counter mainly because Thierry Henry is really good.

Steve Neumann - Average Rating 4

Nick - 4 - Never seemed to find his rhythm, and exited after an abbreviated showing. In 2014, he has proven far more dangerous off the bench.

Jake - 4 - Just never found the game, rightly subbed off at the hour mark. It's a shame too because he's been such a weapon off the bench but it just didn't translate to the starting lineup this time. Alston moving up the left side early in the second half didn't help much either.

Kelyn Rowe - Average Rating 4.5

Nick - 5 - Arguably the hardest working player on the pitch. Seemed justifiably frustrated in the end with his weak passing night, but developed a handful of opportunities off set pieces.

Jake - 4 - He was all over the place with his distribution which was generally poor but he did offer a bunch of nice set pieces, corners and crosses but was sorely lacking in the final third.

Lee Nguyen - Average Rating 5.5

Nick - 5 - I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say the Miazga challenge threw him off. In the second half, Lee's usual creativity fell by the wayside, and he seemed unable to see the final pass moving forward.

Jake - 6 - Got absolutely blown up by Miazga right before halftime and I think it showed a little in the second half. Not great getting the ball forward but was dangerous in the final third where the Revs were desperate to create anything in the second half.

Teal Bunbury - Average Rating 3.75

Nick - 4.5 - I want to love TB. He works extremely hard and has an uncanny ability to get forward with pace. But on Saturday, he failed to add any width to the field despite the Revs one-man advantage (after his beautiful assist, that is).

Jake - 3 - He had an assist on Davies goal but not much else, invisible in the attacking third and every attacking pass he had went wayward it seemed. You'd think in a game where the Revs had a man advantage they'd be able to work the ball out wide with effectiveness.

Charlie Davies - Average Rating 6.25

Nick - 6.5 - One of his better nights in navy and red. Begged for an early goal and made it happen. Should have been granted a penalty, too. If we can put the ball on his feet more often, he just may punish teams down the stretch.

Jake - 6 - Scored his first goal which was nice, offered some key moments with his hold up play and probably got jobbed in the second minute when he was whistled for a dive. It'd be nice to see him go longer than 60 minutes but like Neumann he wasn't seeing a lot of the ball.


Diego Fagundez - Average Rating 6

Nick - 6 - Came in as a sub and immediately turned in a vintage Diego performance: pestered RBNY's back line, created opportunities and fought for the equalizer.

Jake - 6 - He's such a weapon off the bench, didn't miss a pass in thirty minutes (13/13) and was a general nuisance when the Revs were actually getting the ball into the attacking half.

Patrick Mullins - Average Rating 4.25

Nick- 4 - Had plenty of time to make a difference, but unfortunately failed to positively impact the match. Despite cooling off over the summer, Mullins has consistently put shots on frame, an attribute that will (hopefully) start to pay off again.

Jake - 4.5 - Didn't see much of the ball and his distribution wasn't good, but he took his chances on net, would've liked to have seen him do a little more dropping back especially to pressure the ball when the Red Bulls were just knocking it around.

Daigo Kobayashi - Average Rating 3

Nick - 2 - Looked dangerous moving forward, but absolutely, positively should have distributed instead of taking wishful shots at the end. Disappointing performance following a bizarre sub.

Jake - 4 - I didn't understand this sub but aside from one really bad long range shot, Daigo was fine, but he wasn't the game changing sub the Revs need in the final minutes.