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Jermaine Jones a Topic of Conversation over the Weekend

The Jermaine Jones saga continued over the weekend with Fire coach Frank Yallop and ESPN broadcaster Alexi Lalas providing interesting information about the midfielder's future.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Jermaine Jones may not be a MLS player yet, but he was undoubtedly an important topic of discussion this weekend.

On Sunday night, Chicago Fire head coach Frank Yallop and ESPN broadcaster Alexi Lalas spoke about Jones' future. Neither individual could say with certainty where the midfielder would land, but they both revealed interesting nuggets of information.

After defeating the New York Red Bulls 1-0, Yallop was asked about the pursuit of Jones. As first reported by Brian Sandalow of the Chicago-Sun Times, the gaffer said the following:

"Last I heard (Jones) was still contemplating a contract offer. And it’s not from us. It’s from the league. So that’s the last I’ve heard. So that was (Saturday)."

Yallop went on to say that he hoped to learn more about the situation on Monday.

The topic was also broached by the ESPN crew during halftime of the Sounders-Dynamo game. Lalas told the viewing audience that the New England Revolution could obtain Jones' services if they "come up with the money." The former player continued by revealing that there's approximately a million dollar difference between Jones' desired salary and what had been offered.