What can we do to fix the Badge?

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I'm guessing many are with me here, when I say the badge has to go. Frankly it looks like a spaghetti monster. It is a disgrace to our club and a memory that should of gone along with MLS 2.0. I have an idea to fix this atrocity:

Fan Design Contest.

Crazy right? This has been used by MLS clubs like NYCFC. We could employ it as well and fix up this terrible thing we call a logo. There are a couple of ideas I want to share that have been shared on the internet.

First design: A detailed work-up from someone named Andre Araujo in New York.

Second Design: An interesting move to a diamond crest.

Third Design: A real good one with muskets that we've seen put forward before.

Fourth Design: A basic and clean design from Steven Kramer.

Fifth Design: A bold and total departure from the Revolution, playing on Boston's Irish heritage.

There was also this design showed the other day that I really liked.

What do you all think?

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