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Club President Brian Bilello talks Transfers on Radio, Twitter

Revolution President Brian Bilello talks about what the team will be looking for on the transfer market.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The MLS summer transfer window is open for eight more days and according to team officials the New England Revolution is looking to make moves.

Club President Brian Bilello has recently used the Revolution Post-Game Report with Tom Quinlan and Twitter as platforms to discuss the team's goals in regards to player acquisitions.

While on WUFC, Bilello claimed that "as soon as the window opens we’re in ‘as soon as possible mode’ with guys and trying to get them in here." He also stated that some of the players that are being targeted are currently under contract which makes the negotiating process a little more difficult. Bilello did mention that the team is in discussions with a few "DP-level guys."

Several more tidbits about the Revolution’s search for players have come out through Twitter. While corresponding with fans, Bilello has said the following:

In summary, the Revs have four open roster spots that could be used to supplement the current roster. The Revolution front office has identified targets, some of which could demand the title of Designated Player. The team is specifically looking to add attacking options. Signings made at this point aren't likely to have trialied first and won't likely wear the Revolution colors until after the All-Star break.