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Farrell Showcasing Versatility during Sophomore Season

Andrew Farrell has split time between right back and center back. The sophomore spoke about his versatility and how much he has learned this year.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

When Andrew Farrell was drafted by the New England Revolution in 2013, his versatility was highly touted. The Louisville product was advertised as a player who could line up as a center back, right back or defensive midfielder. Farrell would make 32 starts during his rookie campaign, all of which came at right back.

This year, Farrell has been able to showcase his flexibility as he has made nine starts at right back and nine at center back. Moving around the field has been a positive learning experience for the budding star.

"It's been fun," Farrell stated before practice on July 11th. "I don't know what my future is going to be and what position I'm going to be playing, but every game I get at a different position is obviously beneficial for me."

The transition to playing center back has been aided by A.J. Soares and Jose Goncalves. Soares has been with the Revolution since 2011 while Goncalves has played in Switzerland, Germany and Scotland. Both players have given Farrell useful advice.

"(I've) definitely learned a lot," Farrell said. "A.J. and I had a good run there when we were playing together back there. So, I learned a lot of him. (I learned) a lot from Jose as well. It helps to get games. I got five or six games back-to-back at one position (and) that's helpful to me."

For Farrell, it doesn't matter if he plays right back, center back or defensive midfield, a position he got minutes at during preseason. That's because Farrell just wants what's best for the team.

"I just do what I can do to help the team," Farrell said.