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Revolution Partner With 1510 AM Yahoo! Sports for a Postgame Show

Tom Quinlan of New England Soccer Weekly and The Q Spot Podcast is going big-time by hosting a regular Revolution post-match radio show on 1510 AM Yahoo! Sports. This marks an important step up in Revs matchday coverage.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Revolution announced yesterday that they have partnered with 1510 AM Yahoo! Sports to put together a postmatch radio show that will debut on Saturday night at 7 PM after the match against the New York Red Bulls. Tom Quinlan, who hosts New England Soccer Weekly and The Q Spot Podcast on 1510 AM already, will be the front man for the new program.

"We here at 1510 are looking forward to a long lasting relationship with the Revs and pumped to have a partnership with such a great organization," 1510 AM Yahoo! Sports Radio general manager Anthony Pepe said. "We're happy to give New England soccer fans a radio voice that the passionate fan base deserves."

Both of Quinlan's programs feature a variety of New England soccer analysts and experts as guests on the show, and some help as contributors. The Bent Musket's own Seth Macomber has featured on The Q Spot, and several friends of TBM from other websites have appeared as well.

"I am thrilled to be hosting the Revolutions post game show," host Tom Quinlan said. "It‘s been an exhilarating season so far, and we look forward to sharing that excitement with the fans on the program"

Some people have criticized Tom in the past for being too rosy in his outlook, or not critical enough of the organization and the front office, but nevertheless he's been putting in good work trying to produce high-profile radio content with a wide reach. The establishment of a dedicated postgame show is an important step forward and should be welcomed.

"We're excited that our relationship with 1510 AM has grown so quickly and so successfully," Revolution president Brian Bilello said. "Our fans have shown they enjoy the dedicated soccer programming and are excited about the station's strong interest in the team. The Saturday show and the podcasts have become destination listening for them. We're looking forward to the expanded partnership with the postgame shows and helping to provide our fans another outlet for quality soccer commentary and analysis."

Not surprisingly, you can listen to this show on 1510 AM.