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Revolution 5, Sounders 0: Player Ratings and Man of the Match

Sunday was, quite frankly, a good day to be a live. Here's how Corey rated our Revs in their utter destruction of Seattle this past weekend.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Bobby Shuttleworth - 7 (Average Rating: 7)

Corey: Huge first half, made some very important stops to keep the Sounders off the board, which would have completely changed the complexion of the game.

Chris Tierney - 7 (Average Rating: 7)

Corey: Great movement on and off the ball. His vision and cross for the first goal was pure class. His passing wasn't great, but his defending was pretty decent.

A.J. Soares - 6.5 (Average Rating: 6.5)

Corey: Key clearances and, of course, helped keep the likes of Clint Dempsey and Obafemi Martins off the scoresheet.

Andrew Farrell - 6.5 (Average Rating: 6.5)

Corey: Just as crucial as Soares on clearances, including a goal-line clearance in the opening stages that prevented a Martins goal (but then again, what *was* he doing in the build-up to that goal anyway?)

Darrius Barnes - 7 (Average Rating: 7)

Corey: Good defending but perhaps even better movement on the attack. His run pulled a Seattle defender off Fagundez, allowing him the space to set up his first goal.

Andy Dorman - 7.5 (Average Rating: 7.5)

Corey: Again, there's just nothing stopping this guy right now. Huge on recoveries in the midfield, kept the ball alive throughout the match. And, obviously, had important contributions defensively as he typically does.

Diego Fagundez - 8 (Average Rating: 8)

Corey: Nice to have you back, kid! Fagundez had an enormous breakout game that he was long overdue for. Great vision on the attack. Now to make it a more consistent thing.

Lee Nguyen - 7.5 (Average Rating: 7.5)

Corey: Not the highlight of this one like he was against Toronto, but still extremely influential. As per usual, he was everywhere.

Daigo Kobayashi - 7 (Average Rating: 7)

Corey: Also everywhere. Kept the wheels turning and made smart, key passes in the attacking half. It's going to be hard to take him out of the lineup when Rowe is back to full health.

Teal Bunbury - 8 (Average Rating: 8)

Corey: He's got new life out on the wing and it looks like he's getting better there every week. This match showed exactly that. Grade A performance, but still figuring out his defensive responsibilities.

Patrick Mullins - 8..5 (Average Rating: 8.5)

Corey: I can't get enough of this guy. Excellent game and showing that he's a well-rounded striker with natural goal-scoring instincts.

Scott Caldwell - 6.5 (Average Rating: 6.5)

Corey: A burst of energy and kept the ball on the ground with smart passing. Everything we've come to expect from Scotty this season.

Steve Neumann - 6 (Average Rating: 6)

Corey: Didn't have to do much, but still helped with possession and kept the Sounders on their heels.

Kelyn Rowe - 6.5 (Average Rating: 6.5)

Corey: Got himself involved pretty quickly and looks just as sharp as we're used to. Looking forward to his full return.